Low Fat Raw Vegan: What Does One Eat?

Low Fat Raw Vegan: What Does One Eat?

“What do you eat on a low fat raw vegan diet?”

The answer to this question really depends on what fruits and vegetables are in season. Consequently, one’s diet will change regarding specific fruits and veggies. Depending on what is available, it may be strawberries, peaches, mangoes, cherries, various types of melons…it just depends! However, there is always a fruit or vegetable that is in season and that will satisfy the palate with a healthy vegan meal.

With the recent rise in the average weight of men, women and children in our country, a lot of people are looking for healthy alternatives to the traditional American menu. Some are concerned with our overall rise in health problems and want to do something to lower their personal risks and potential medical costs. Many are turning to alternative food choices that don’t include animal products, such as vegan diets. Whatever the reason, hopefully this article will provide some of the information you are looking for!


Bananas are one of the great sources of potassium. In my case, I like bananas, but they don’t like me, ! However, for those who have a healthy relationship with bananas (ha-ha), it’s been suggested that the first 1-2 meals of the day generally should consist of 12-15 bananas, depending on the size of each fruit. Bananas are filling, inexpensive and usually readily available. However, some suggest that too many bananas will also show up around the waistline, so, search Google for other healthy breakfast choices for the vegan diet that are as rich in potassium and other essential nutritional ingredients.


Depending on what is in season, it is suggested that typically between 500 and 700 calories should be from some kind of sweet fruit. When in season, eating between 15 and 25 peaches, depending on the size can be dinner, followed by some non-sweet fruit and/or greens and one to two pounds of tomatoes. You could say I really like tomatoes ! Other healthy veggie choices to include in your diet are cucumber, celery, romaine and bib lettuce. Also consider green leafy vegetables like collard, mustard, turnips and kale.

One food-type meals?

One food-type meals means eating one fruit only, until full. This will probably be a gradual shift in eating habit, rather than an abrupt change. You’ll probably find yourself becoming completely full and satisfied with one bowl of grapes, for example. You’ll still enjoy your occasional mixed smoothie, which are great for over-ripened bananas or nectarines, for example. You can Google potassium-rich foods or healthy foods for a successful vegan diet, to get more ideas about other fruits and vegetables to include.

What about fats?

Nuts are one of those foods that one easily finds him or herself overeating. Personally, I really like almonds. They pack a lot of protein and are a good source of “good” fat. However, they can pack on a lot of calories. That said, nuts are a great nutritional alternative to animal fat. So, having them every now and then is not going to seriously affect your waistline, ! Also, avocados taste great and are a healthy, nutritional fatty fruit. However eating them every day can really pack on the pounds, so have them only occasionally, !

So, how can your personalize this information?
Raw vegetables and fruits will give you the most nutritional and healthy results on a vegan diet, particularly if they are organically grown (Google growing your own organic fruits and veggies in a box garden). Nuts will help you get some of the essential fats necessary for a healthy diet as well. Of course, staying physically fit will contribute to your overall well-being, too. What is written here are just suggestions. You will probably develop eating happens that suit your own personal needs and aspirations. As always, consult your health provider before any major changes to your diet and/or exercise plan. Whatever specific fruits, veggies and other protein sources you prefer, remember that adding sweet fruits, raw veggies (including green veggies) and avoiding overeating fats equals dietary success!

Praying for your long life and healthy living,

Sheba <3

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